About Me


I love my work.  It is exciting to meet the challenges brought by working with both new and longstanding clients.  I work in partnership with you to understand the complexities of your life and to help them achieve change.  We will work collaboratively

In terms of short term goals, I help people who feel stuck in their lives.  If you are unable to get moving, to get important life projects done or finished, experiencing concerns about difficult relationships it would be worth discussing.   At times, it may be necessary to work more long-term in achieving satisfying results…. helping people to achieve changes which will lead to personal and professional growth and satisfaction.  These include problems with families and/or partners, depression, anxiety, stress, low self-worth or mental illness.

For over 20 years, I have been working primarily with adults including young, ambitious professionals and non-professionals, soon-to-be retiring or transitioning mid-lifers, and elderly and disabled people and their spouses or partners.  Among the populations that are drawn to my practice are those with  diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds and those with gender issues (e.g. LGBT).

I have been trained in a variety of therapeutic techniques including:  psychoanalysis, hypnosis, mindfulness meditation, EMDR, DBT and cognitive-behavioral techniques. Working an integrated manner, I partner with my clients to find what works for them. (see FINDING A PSYCHOLOGIST & USING YOUR HEALTH INSURANCE BENEFITS)

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